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Martell Family Law

Seeking Legal Recognition and Support for Fatherhood

More and more individuals are having children outside of marriage. If this is you, your legal rights are not established by default. You need to assert your legal rights to ensure that you have the timesharing you deserve, and that child support is calculated accurately. Attorney Josh Martell can guide you through this process every step of the way.

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Understanding Paternity Actions in Florida

Paternity actions in Florida are legal proceedings used to establish the legal father-child relationship when it is not automatically recognized, typically in cases where the parents are not married at the time of the child’s birth. Establishing paternity is essential as it grants legal rights and responsibilities to the father, such as visitation, custody, and child support. Paternity actions can be initiated by either the mother or the alleged father and are usually filed in the family court of the county where the child resides.

Paternity actions are crucial for children’s well-being and for ensuring that both parents share the rights and responsibilities of parenthood. Beyond legal rights, establishing paternity can also have emotional and psychological benefits for the child, as it provides a sense of identity and connection with both parents. If you are unsure about paternity or wish to assert your parental rights, seeking legal counsel and guidance is essential to navigate the paternity action process in Florida effectively.

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