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About Martell Family Law

When you are looking for a family law attorney in Orlando, you need two things:

First, you need someone that has real experience in the courtroom. If your case has to go to trial you cannot afford to be represented by someone who is learning on the job. Josh Martell has vast experience litigating family law matters, and will fight for you in your time of need.

Second, and just as important, you need a family law attorney that has the skill and knowledge to resolve your case and avoid trial. Family law cases involve some of the most important issues you will ever face. Issues regarding your assets, your finances, and your children. You need an attorney that has the skill and knowledge to empower you to resolve these issues outside of the courtroom. Josh Martell has spent thousands of hours negotiating settlements on behalf of his clients, and he will apply the “library of solutions” he has developed over the years to help you settle your case.

Meet Our Team
5 Over 34 Reviews
Absolutely wonderful to work with. Extremely organized and on top of everything. Everyone was very nice and kind. Would refer them to anyone who needs their expertise!
Absolutely the best. A great attorney with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would recommend Attorney Josh Martell to anyone going through a divorce and need someone that is knowledgeable to handle the case.
I don't know where to begin but I will say Mr. Martell and Amy are PHENOMENAL!! I cannot rave enough how amazing they are. My review is way overdue.

My journey begin with Mr. Martell and his team in March 2023 due to being dissatisfied with my previous attorney and how my case was handled. I explained to Mr. Martell how complexed my case was and how frustrated I was with the situation overall. My ex-husband was a pain in rears from the beginning and making a simple situation turn into a nightmare. Whenever, I had questions or I felt unsettled, I was re-assured everything is going to be okay since it seemed my ex-husband would throw a curve ball. When trial happened for me, Mr. Martell showed up and showed out!!! I am definitely happy with the outcome of my case.

Mr. Martell and his team are patient, supportive, caring, and definitely quick responders with in depth explanations when explaining what is going on and definitely always so prepared.

I would recommend Mr. Martell and his team 1000%. Thank you again and I have my babies back home.

Contact Us Today

Martell Family Law serves clients throughout the Central Florida. To arrange an initial strategy session to discuss divorce proceedings, call us at (407) 214-9015 or send us an email at

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